Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Goals

OK, so I am accountable....
1. Finish Patriotic Top
I'm really close. I'm getting the side borders ready to sew on.
I'm using them as the leader/ender for the T-shirt quilt.
2. Quilt Test Quilt
Can't show the front, but this is backing.
3. T-shirt Quilt to top stage
4. What's in the Box for at least 5 days
This was the one from today.
5. Pat Sloan Winter Solstice Block
Have to wait to see what it is on Wednesday.
These are the 4 already out.
6. Sparkling Sampler Block 
7. Work on a flat surface
I never know what will be set on this banister.
It just seems to collect anything and everything.
I've actually taken about 10 things off of it already today before I thought to take a photo.

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