Friday, May 15, 2015

update for Friday

 I  thought I'd have a nice day at home.
But, that was not the case.
I had lots of things happening on different things and felt like a ping pong ball.
But, I was ready with the binding on Lana's quilt while I had to wait.
I finished that tonight, so I'm happy about that.
I worked on the T-shirt quilt and have a plan.

A3 1. Science pillows black hole (needs finishing touches)
2.  Coach type of wall hanging
3.  Tote Bag/Pillow
4.  Book shelf quilt
5. Purple quilt
6. World Quilt
A1 7. T-shirt Quilt
I am using the pinwheels from the bonus triangles.
i think I am going to set them on point to add some interest.
I love the primary note fabric.
It adds a little more interest without being over powering.

8. Name for door with music notes
A2  9. Bind Lana's Quilt

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