Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pushing ahead

My purple scraps are now nice and neat.

1.  Tote Bag/Pillow
So, I found the mesh and pattern.
Still no progress on this one.
3. Purple quilt
This is my center.
A tiny white border will allow for the piano keys to not overpower
  Top is sewn together.
All of the piano keys came from my 5" cut drawer.
I didn't pull anything from the shelves.
I added all the extra purple fabric into my stash.
I have a wide back that works.
Now to get the batting cut and the quilt loaded.
I hope to quilt it tomorrow.
4. Musical name plateI
.Ready to sandwich and quilt it.
5. World Quilt 
I have half the binding sewn down.

This is what it looked like early afternoon.

Look at what it looked like at sunset. 

Clouds are so beautiful.
Wouldn't that make a nice quilt?

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