Thursday, May 7, 2015

Choose 10 things to deal with

10 things to put away
10 things to get rid of
10 things to finish up
10 things to work on
10 things to clean
1.  I am going to put away my wreath making container -- I think I can store it under the long arm.
2. I did finish up the top, backing and batting for my black and bright quilt
3. Replace battery in clock -- it was corroded - Yuck
4. Put together some 9 patch tops
5.  Put away books and organized bookshelf.
I touched more than 10 books.  :)

6.  I threw away the packaging materials that came in a couple of boxes.  They were peanuts.  NO picture taken.
7. Filed some receipts
8. Put together the Scholarship packages for the band awards.
9. Finished color guard pillows

10. Continue going through magazines.

Going away                                                                     Still to go through

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Shelly said...

That's a lot of work! Way to go!