Saturday, May 23, 2015


I worked on this a little this morning.
I decided to cut the compasses two at a time.
I don't like fussy cutting things, so the pain is less and I can see some progress.
When I get two more done, I can trim the top and bottom borders to match.
That will fix my cutting problem with the center.

It is raining and raining and raining. 
DD is playing in the rain.
Our side yard has a gutter DH put a hole in to drain the water.
Guess we need one of those concrete things there or gravel or something. 
The other side has lots of bushes. 
Off our back porch.
She is so happy. 
She's shaking like a dog.  LOL

It's nice to see her having carefree time.
She is in the shower.
I did a little cleaning.
Laundry is on.
Two booster things are done.
I think it is time to sew.

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