Friday, May 15, 2015

So, here is my remaining list. 
I know, you see little change, but I need to keep my focus.
Some of the smaller things happen when I am stuck on something

A3 1. Science pillows black hole (needs finishing touches)
2.  Coach type of wall hanging
3.  Tote Bag/Pillow
4.  Book shelf quilt
5. Purple quilt
6. World Quilt
A1 7. T-shirt Quilt
I think I am going to make pinwheels out of the bonus triangles from the star points.
I'll be filling in with a black fabric and framing in other colors.
It is all going to work out and hopefully the top will be close to done today.

8. Name for door with music notes
A2  9. Bind Lana's Quilt

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