Monday, May 30, 2011

Final update for today.

Sometimes I wish my brain would not think about additional things that need to be done.  :(
So, I decided there were 2, actually 4 more folks I wanted to do something for.  So, 2 are made and quilted.  They are small, so the binding won't take long and I am going to use a standard label that is already stitched out.  One will be some quilting items because I just found out that she was going to focus on learning more about quilting.  The last one, I'm not sure what I'm going to do for her.  Maybe just a gift card?

Quilting still needs to be done

13. Quilt QOV
14. Quilt QOV
15. Quilt Angel Cover Ministry Quilt

Binding still needs to be done
4. Red baby quilt (AC) (made one and was not happy with the size, so I'm making this pattern instead. It is a disappearing 4 patch. Fairly easy and I'm making it scrappy like Mom's)  Almost completed
3. Red quilt for teacher (AC) This is the larger D4P (disappearing 4 patch) that is the Momma of the one from yesterday. Now to find backing and these these quilted. Already trimmed and binding sewn on.  Label is also made
2. Red quilt for teacher (JJ) Ready to trim.  Need to make binding and label.
19. May's Jo's club (MR) Ready to add binding.  This is a last minute addition.
20. May's Jo's club (SD) Ready to add binding. This is a last minute addition.

Label still needs to be done

10. Quilt Dear Jane that I've had too long. It is in process, but it taking a bobbin of thread per pass. Yikes!5/9/11 Mailed 5/10/11
11. quilt baby quilt (MU) Mailed 5/14/11
9. Girl Scout quilt. Needs to be done by the 18th. (EF) UFO delivered 12 May 11
8. Baby quilt (M) Delivered 5/12/11
17. Baby Quilt (McC) Delivered 5/12/11
12. quilt baby quilt (MU) Quilting and binding this one. Mailed 5/14/11
7. Judy L's bear in the woods. Needs to be done by the 20th (DB) UFO 5/16/11
16. Batik Quilt (SG) UFO
5. Green and Purple quilt (BW)
1. RWB quilt (JC) (was an UFO)
18. Mug Rug (CA) UFO 5/28/11
6. Pink and green quilt. Started, but not finished. (KB) UFO 5/28/11

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