Sunday, August 23, 2020

Stash Report #34

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Used this Week:
2.02 yards

Used year to Date:
158.43 yards
Net Stash used in August
4.52 yards

Added this Week:
2.92 yards

Added Year to Date:
62.23 yards

New Goal:
200.00 yards

Yards to the goal:
65.91 yards

Net Used in 2020
134.09 yards

Bandana time for Pi.

Pinwheels for swaps I am in.

Pieced block swap

A couple of other fun facts are:
Prairie Moon is doing a 350 block challenge:

Total Number of equivalent blocks:
Perimeter in inches:
Number of UFOs finished this year:
UFO Yardage Used:
Percentage of yardage used in UFOs:

Number of Bobbins Used this week:
Number of Bobbins Used this year:
Number of Spools Used this week:

Number of Spools Used this year:                

Kate at Life in Pieces is doing the challenge of 15 minutes of sewing.
My week had me have two days where the sewing time was only about 20 minutes, and then I had a day I went to visit DD and didn't get anything done in my studio because I stayed the night.
It was well worth it.

Days of Stitching:

Number of Days this week:

Number of Days this year:

Days Organizing:

Number of Days this week:
Number of Days this year:

Quilting is more fun than Housework has us working on scraps.

All I seem to be doing is working with scraps.
Does that mean my scraps drawers and bins are being reduced?
I'm not so sure.
I have 5 more to make.

I'm sewing this one together and will see what comes next.
It takes lots of brainpower, so it is slow going for me.
It is all out of the scrap drawers.


Kate said...

You've gotten a lot done, even with the trip to DD's. Love both scrappy projects. I beginning to think that scrap drawers are just bottomless pits. They will never ever get all used up.

Sherrie said...

Believe it or not, but my scraps are getting low...I've been using a lot of them for projects I'm working on. Love all your pretty. Have a great day!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those pineapple blocks are wonderful! Lots of pretty color!

chrisknits said...

Family time is more important than any sewing, the fabric will wait!

Miaismine said...

Yes, family time is a priority! Sewing will always be there! Your 3D pinwheels are gorgeous!