Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Stashbuster UFO Challenge

So, it is that time of month to actually have the Stashbuster UFO Random Numbers drawn.
For November, the small number is
 #9, which is Ashley's art block that I digitized.
It is going to go into her T-shirt quilt, so I'm not ready to work on it this month.
I alphabetize the list, and this one will always be in the top 12.
Hope to have her actually pick out the important ones for one of her T-shirt quilts.

See how many there are?
There are duplicates, but.....

#70 is Future heirlooms.
This is a strange UFO, because it was to be tested for them.
But, as I was testing it, I lost track of them and don't get a reply from my emails to them.
It's been a number of years, so 

The December small number is #8
That is Ashley's FQs that she had picked out.
I might have her choose some other pieces and put it together.
It is started as a heart.
Maybe I can put stars with it.
I'll show it next month.

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