Thursday, November 9, 2017


Not much sewing going on this week.
I've been packing.
Everything is ready, except for the Irish Stars.
I'm going through the scraps to only take the pieces large enough to get a star out of or 2.5" squares.
ü  Baby clothing quilt – stabilize the clothes, cut if I want, but the stabilizing is what stops me on this project.
1.    Irish Stars –The cutting takes the most time. The blocks go together quickly.  Sort color for sizes that would work.
a.    Blue
b.    Green
c.    Purple
d.    White
ü  Sparkling Sampler already cut and bagged to sew as leader enders for Irish Stars.
ü  Thread catcher
ü  Zippers and fusible batting for purse
ü  Winter Solstice two blocks
ü  Kleenex holder makings for Christmas Use leftover Christmas fabrics
ü  Postcards (18)
ü  Triatic Color theory – 17 November
ü  Wreaths – 1 Dec
ü  Mittens/Gloves – 8 Dec – mitten/Santa fabric
ü  Winter/Christmas – 15 Dec – cowboy fabric – need heat n bond
ü  Your Choice – snowman fabric  - 22 Dec
ü  Postcard stabilizer
ü  Make 18 postcard backs ( use the fabric for the stamp)
ü  Fabrics to work with
ü  Memory Quilt (If I don’t have it together already)
ü  Hawaiian Applique to take on the ride up to practice hand quilting
ü  T-shirt quilt and the liquid stabilizer (can’t think of the name right now) – I’d like to get them stabilized and ready to cut out. I also need to find a gray to frame all the shirts. Most of them are black and there is a black shadow. I think there needs to be a contrast to them.
ü  My new project is to make a Christmas countdown door quilt for Ashley that will allow her to have a treat every day. I’ve got ideas, and will need the fabric with me.  A folding fabric project as my November learning
ü  30 sets of Christmas coasters. These are easy and I have enough Christmas fabric that it won’t be a problem. I just need to get the coordinated pieces together.
ü  Crocheting
ü  Trimming HST
ü  Happiness is Quilting to a top
ü  Clemens T-shirt quilt
ü  Ann’s 2009 Mystery
ü  Box for car

I do have one cart downstairs and the sewing machine.
I think I might be able to consolidate a little here.

This is why I've been a little quiet this week.

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