Saturday, July 18, 2015

Row by Row Experience

When I was in Lubbock, I went to Cottage Fabrics.
Theirs is an aquifer.
Cottage Fabrics, Lubbock

Yesterday we went to a few shops for the row by rows.
I don't have a good photo of the chevron.
Sew It Fabulous in Boerne
Rwo By Row West Avenue
Whale Row by Row block
there are two Creative sewing stores
They used their row and made it into a quilt.

I spent today going to pick up row by rows.  
My DH decided that we should do it together.
That was a pleasant surprise.
Rio Bargello
Went to New Braunfels Quilt Haus

New Braunfels Oak Leaf QuiltShop,
They had two styles, a plain background or a multi waved background.
I got the multi one.
 The cotton cupboard in Lakeway,
They made it into a purse
 Honey Bee quilt Store in Austin, 
She added crystals to this and I got the neatest pressing pad.
Sew Crazy in Cedar Park
, Austin Sewing & Vacuum in Round Rock.  
Left at 930 and got home around 730?  
I’m tired.  
Bet I sleep good tonight.

Tried to hand quilt in the car.  
I don’t have the rocking motion, so it is the stab and stitch method.  
Messy on the back sometimes, but it will get done sometime somehow.
It's one of my UFOs from long ago.

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Wish I was with you!