Friday, July 10, 2015

Problems with blog

I tried to post last night, but blog spot must have been having troubles.
I actually didn't finish anything yesterday.
I worked on three projects.
This is the beginning of a music quilt.
I don't have a pattern, so I'm not sure what I'm doing next.
I want some more white space about the center, but not in the squares like it is.
Still thinking. 
This is the special reach quilt.
All columns are now sewn together.
I have the rows to sew together and then it will be ready when I get home
I really like this jelly roll, but not the way it was cut.
Not all the strips were the same width. :(

Next project is to make it easier at home.
I brought a full bin of booster paperwork.
this is the bin now with all the empty notebooks, file folders, etc.
This is how far I got last night.
My first goal was to put them into like piles and not really go through and make choices.
I have the papers in committee piles.
I went through about half the piles.
I put the good things in the blue expandable folder.
I now need to go through these piles and sort out all the duplicates and junk. 
This is what I got rid of.
I also started that list of things that need to be followed up on.

No finish, but lots of progress.
The paperwork is overwhelming.

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