Thursday, July 2, 2015

Prairie Moon Organizational challenge

Prairie Moon has us doing a organizational challenge and this week is:

Organize your UFOs

This is something that has happened before and I've taken so many out of the cabinet to take with me that my UFO cabinet is getting some space.
This is my UFO cabinet.
It is under the window seat at the top of the stairs.
I have 162 documented UFOs.
There are times when another one shows up and I wonder where it was hiding.
I know I should go through them again and really either number or label them better.
It is sometimes difficult to see what I was thinking when I put it on the list and named it. 
My UFO pile also includes the ones pulled for special challenges.
They reside under my pressing table in the UFO bag.
They are labeled with the group and name I gave them.
It is easy to pull from these each month.
I had 18 here to start and now am down 10.

I'm going to be gone on next week, and I have them in a manner I want right now, so I will keep my system the way it is.

Last week was make lists.
I have updated my to do list.
My trip list is done.
I have my updated booster list.
I have my updated house list.
It was a good list week.

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