Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend retreat for Stashbusters

I didn’t realize we were retreating this weekend on Stashbusters, but I’m happy for it.

I didn’t get to sew yesterday because of a band event, but we are not going to church this morning because of everyone feeling out of it and I don't have a Girl Scout Meeting today.

So, I’m cleaning up and planning in my studio.  I think I will stop planning and start doing!

Goals this weekend (sewing ones)

1.  Quilt Christmas quilt
2.  Review quilting lesson plans for class they asked me to teach
3.  Gather samples for the quilting class to show the owners
4.  Cut some of the 2.5” squares needed for the baby clothing quilts
5.  Go through a box or bag of quilting items and put them away or re-gift them.
6.  Make Flying geese border on star quilt
7.  Hem uniforms - only 2
Non-quilting goals
1.  Plan USAF retired band event
2.  Laundry -- the never ending battle
3.  Help Ashley with her closet
4.  Clean off desk -- a never ending battle
5.  Make flyer for band event
6.  Go through e-mails (150)
7.  Clean up and rearrange extra bedroom 

All the while I will be battling cedar fever and working on the rest of the house too.  If you don't know what causes cedar fever take a look at the link above.  Yuck!!!

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