Monday, January 6, 2014

Tell it to the Stars Week 1

Judy is having us talk about our quilting life for those in our lives.  Here is her first question.  I figure I'll blog about it.

Question #1:   What year did you begin quilting? What made you start quilting?

I think I originally started quilting in 1986/87, when I was in South Dakota.  I was learning the Dresden plate and wasn't really interested in it.  That was before the rotary cutter and all had to be cut out with scissors.  I did start a queen sized quilt with calico prints.  That finally was finished in 2004.  I didn't really like it, but it was finished.  LOL  I didn't really start quilting again until I was in Los Angeles and friends at work were quilters.  I took a class at a community college with friends and learned that I really enjoyed the process.  From there I have been quilting more and more.  When I retired I bought a long arm quilt machine and can make my quilts start to finish in my own studio.

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Mary said...

I'll follow along and read about your Quilt adventure. Wish DH would see the NEED for me to have a LONGARM.