Monday, January 20, 2014

Finished for the holiday weekend.

Guess I made progress.

Goals this weekend (sewing ones)

Started 4.  Cut some of the 2.5” squares needed for the baby clothing quilts
Started 5.  Go through a box or bag of quilting items and put them away or re-gift them. (just have lots of these to go through.
Half done7.  Hem uniforms - only 2

DONE 2.  Review quilting lesson plans for class they asked me to teach
DONE 6.  Make Flying geese border on star quilt  all the geese are made and only one more side to sew them on.
DONE 1.  Quilt Christmas quilt
DONE 3.  Gather samples for the quilting class to show the owners
Non-quilting goals
 5.  Make flyer for band event
DONE 1.  Plan USAF retired band event
DONE 4.  Clean off desk -- a never ending battle
DONE 2.  Laundry -- thDONE 3.  Help Ashley with her closete never ending battle
DONE 7.  Clean up and rearrange extra bedroom 
DONE 6.  Go through e-mails (150)

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