Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stash report

Judy of Patchwork Times has us doing a stash report each Sunday.  I have not reported in awhile because I've not had finishes, but this week was different.

Total Fabric Used:            12.26
Fabric Added:                     6.00  backing
Fabric Used this month     17.94
Usage to 100 yards            87.74

I also have fabric ready to donate, but I'm not sure how much to count.  when I was estimating while putting into bags, I came up with 80 yards, but when I weighed it, it is closer to 220 yards.  I think I'm taking a lower number.  220 yards does not sound right.  That cabinet would barely close, so I did find some fabric to pass on.  Now I need to reorganize and make room for the blues and whites to be easier to get to, maybe the blacks too.

So, that being said, come February I will have passed my 100 yards and will change my goal to 200.


Dee Dee said...

It is hard to imagine 1 pound equals 3-4 yards of fabric. I would split the difference and go with 140-150 yards out the door.

Nice to have our fabric organized, makes it much easier to use.

Mary-Kay Colman said...

I just washed and dried a quilt and it was really heavy. I was surprised! I never thought fabric weighed that much.