Friday, February 8, 2013

Very little going on

I wanted to try this twister pattern.  The problem, the pattern I used said lil twister, which I have, but she meant itty bitty twister.  :(  So, I got my pieces sewn together and they were too small.  so, I had it all together, it was at night and I didn't have another option.  So, I made a template the 2.25" size and tried to cut these.  The problem is I could also cut the template with the rotary cutter.  :(  It took forever to get this cut out and pieced together.  I've ordered the other size to try it again.
 I did finish the UFO #10 from Liz's UFO challenge.  Cute little quilt that will be delivered to Lisa today to go to the High Risk Pregnancy unit.

Not really great here at home, so life has not allowed me in the studio.  :(

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