Sunday, February 3, 2013

Small Quilt Group

Today was my parent's 62nd anniversary.  After lunch I went to meet with my small quilt group and got a few things done.  I made the Basket-weave block for Lynne in her civil war type of fabrics

I made my floral basket-weave block with sunflower fabric.  Couldn't add more green because it was a 2 color block.  I like the way it came out.
 Lana was working on 4 patches from charm packs.  She will be setting them on point with a beautiful red between the 4 patches. 
 I had these tropical swap blocks that were hanging on my curtains for a long time.  I was trying to make things too difficult.  I kept thinking I needed to make another block, but then what kind to make?  When I found the orange and lime green leftover parts from my parrot quilt, I thought they would go well.  Then, a design challenge came to make sure I had enough of the orange fabric.  Then, I added another lime green and put it so it framed the center block.  I think it turned out OK.  I will back it in purple and bind it in purple and this will be another SAMMC High Risk Pregnancy clinic quilt.
 Wanda is working on this quilt that Judy gave us books for.  This will be a wall hanging for her living room.  all she now needs is to put the setting pieces in.  Beautiful.
 Judy is working on this quilt.  I'm not sure the name, but she has 4 rows sewn together and has a few more to go.  I absolutely LOVE these colors!!!  I'd chose them for my room.
 I do have the train quilt that has 2 of the 4 sides with borders on it.  I don't have that photo yet.  Maybe I will be able to get the other 2 sides on tonight and show you that in a bit.

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