Thursday, February 14, 2013

Headache Day

Well, yesterday was the day Lana came over to start quilting her Mystery quilt.  It is turning out so nicely.

I actually cleaned up some of my batting area while she was quilting and trying to figure out how to get these extra pieces of batting so I can actually use them.  If they happened to be the same sizes, it would make it so much easier!

So, does anyone have a good use of poly batting.  I seem to have scraps and larger pieces of it when I was quilting for a group that required that and the sheets for backings.  I've since moved on to other worthy organizations.

I was so hoping I'd have a good sewing day today. DD is home ill and I now have a headache that is hard to ignore.

I do have some batting to sew together to quilt the road quilt.  That should be easy, right?


Jackie Russell said...

I save all my batting scraps to use in pet beds. Shelters love to get these!

Ruth Ann said...

You are doing great at getting so much done!

phxquilt said...

I've used them in bedrolls for the homeless as well as pet beds.