Monday, February 4, 2013

Headache day

Well, it has NOT been a great day.  The cedar pollen count must be up.  I have a headache.  Between being overly tired from the weekend and Girl Scout cookie booths, cedar and everything else, I am not doing great.  I decided to put on the new Chrome plated Thread guide from Donita Reeve to see if it made a difference.  It does.  The thread broke once when it wrapped around the tension guide.  Why it did that, who knows.  LOL 
So, I quilted by tropical blocks quilt.  This is a small quilt, but I actually like the way it went together.  I used the extra pieces from the parrot quilt and all of these blocks.  This will be my UFO #10 from Liz's list.  So, tomorrow at the doctor, I will work on this binding.  It should be done tomorrow. : )
This shows the detail of the swirls

 OK, so one of my dream quilts is the Lone Star quilt.  I am playing with the fabrics I have to see if these will work for the star of the quilt, and then I need to figure out what color the background should be.  The dark blue would be the center, and the green would be the middle of the star with the the colors working their way out again.  I almost would like more of the dark green and less of the lime green.  Still working through the process.

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KaHolly said...

Greetings from New Braunfels!! This top is looking good. Please visit my most recent post, kaholly, to see how, as a Texas quilter, you can help Operation Homefront - TX with a little project of theirs! And be sure to share this info with your TX quilting friends!! Thanks, karen