Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quilt Show on Saturday

I know, I'm late in posting this. I'll put up some of the quilts I happened to get photos of. They had lots of quilts that were hand quilted. Some were absolutely amazing. Some antiques and some new ones. They had a senior category that the stitches were so tiny. I look at shows differently since I started machine quilting. I actually look to see what was done on the quilt. It is a fun process for me. Maybe I'll learn something.

This sampler was absolutely striking. Look at the detail with the variegated thread. Wow.

A feathered star that really uses the open space. I won't do this, but I thought it was beautiful!

The Dresden plate. This was an older one.

This is a really simple 9-patch and big blocks. I can see this done with fabric that is a LARGE print. Talk about easy, but striking.

This was hand pieced and hand quilted. Wonderful. But, patriotic always attracts me.
This had amazing McTavishing done on it. I have that book, and need to play one day. It is very dense quilting, so I really think I'd like to do a wall-hanging instead of a full quilt. Or just do it in a spot on the quilt.
Kim, look, feathers.
It wouldn't be a Texas quilt show without boots and all the Texas trimmings. Fun quilt with all the Texas "stuff".
I am amazed at the quilting on this one.
I thought that DD would love to have this one. I should learn applique and learn how to do these things. Maybe I need to take a class

I didn't buy any fabric, amazing. The ladies I went with were a hoot. I had the best time. Thanks Jan/Pat for inviting me.

We went to the show, after about an hour we went and had lunch at this wonderful restaurant (I can't spell the name to find a link for you).

Kim, look at the birdhouse made out of corks.

Back to the show. I bought a couple of Christmas ornaments in a coffee cup. What a cute idea. I might have to make some of my own. :) I also got some marking chalk. Looks a lot like tailor's chalk that is hard to find. I found a beautiful patriotic pattern that even has applique on it. Amazing. LOL I want to make this one. I didn't do too much damage. See the pretty blue and white show quilt on the cover of the program?

Can't you see a quilt like this?Look, I liked the effect of the bathroom floor. LOL

After the show we went to the Oak Leaf Quilt Shop. This pattern was in their front window. I know I've seen it. Anyone know where to get the pattern?

On the way home we stopped and had ice cream.

Two of the ladies needed to stop at Wal-Mart, so we went in there (it was right behind the ice cream place). Then on home. What an enjoyable day.

I laid these out before I left to see what I had available. I really want to swap 9 inch 9-patches in good quality batiks. I want to make this pattern from them for my bed. I want a dark green and a brown for the 2 hourglass colors. This quilt pattern is from Quilt. DH brought the magazine home the other night.


kathyinozarks said...

such beatufiul quilting-thanks for sharing, since I started hand quilting, I have really been looking at the quilting close as well, for ideas on patterns to use and such.
thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great idea with the corks, , thankyou for a great blog too,
Take care