Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm lost, I have not been sewing much, and I have been trying to get myself ready for the retreat. Only problem, I've not done the cutting I wanted to in order to be ready for the retreat. So, tonight I am cutting the retreat quilt out. I decided not to use the kit they had us buy. Granted, it was in red, white, blue and I normally love that. But, I just don't particularly like their combination of fabrics.

Sooooo, I decided to cut into the greens and brown that might become my quilt for my bed. But, if I do that, I have to make it larger. Larger than 72 x 72. I have a king sized bed. So, I am just doubling it. I know, it won't be as big as I might want it, but when I see how these colors are going together, I can always cut more of my greens up and/or add a creative border. But, I'm cutting into it instead of just thinking about it. Soooo, there you have it!

My list of things I'm taking with me are
1. Ocean Waves (I'll use them as leader/enders)
2. Pineapple Blossoms (it is one that needs to be cut out before being sewn)
3. Fish Quilt from the Shop Hop (still needs to be cut)
4. Retreat Quilt (It will be cut by the time I leave)
5. 9" hourglass blocks
6. BQ Mystery 6" blocks (cut and ready to sew)
7. BQ Mystery 3" blocks (still need to be cut out. I have all the scraps together to do it)
8. QOV Star BDB Quilt from last year (need sashing cut)
9. Pillowcases (needs to be cut)
10. Red hat purse. (needs to be cut)
11. Horse Quilt. (some cut, but probably need the rest cut too.

3 days of sewing. I bet I don't get most of it done, but I'll have fun and if I need to stop and work on something else, I can do it!!!

OK, off the computer and on to the rest of the cutting.


Julie said...

Oh boy! I hope you get all that done! What an accomplishment that would be. I can't wait to see your finished products.

Gina said...

Best of luck. That's a long list

Love and hugs gina xxx