Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I finished the pincushions I needed for a swap. I had to take a break from thread breaking. So, I made the rest of the pincushions. I think I'd make some adjustments on future ones, but they were easy to make.

This sunset is from last night. We were in my sewing room and DD and I saw the sky turn this wonderful shade. DD amazes me, after 2 years, she still remembers the Art teacher and her death. The way we got through that rough time was to tell her that Mrs Rappmond painted sunrises and sunsets for us. To this day, when there is an especially beautiful one, she asks if Mrs Rappmond was painting it for us to see. This was taken out my sewing room window, through the glass. So, not great, but you get the idea.

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Gina said...

Beautiful Sunset.
what a lovely thing to tell your daughter about the teachers death.

Love and hugs Gina xx