Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quick Quilt

I didn't get to use any of my stash, except for batting. But, I did get this quilt quilted quickly for the Home Owners Association where our small group meets monthly. They need it by 8 Jul 08 and I was not ready to do it. The backing is a pretty check. The quilt is called Creme Brulee Pieced by Lana, quilted by me, and bound by Wanda.

So, the other 2 quilts (king sized ones) that I'm doing for Kim had to take a back burner until today. I am loading the one now. My plan is to work on these two next and get them in the mail soon. She's been waiting long enough for these quilts.


Kim said...

:P I only "need" one now - the other one is for NYE for a bday present - don't make yourself nuts

Jeanne said...

Very pretty quilt done in neutrals. I've always wanted to make one.