Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Friday

Well, I wish I understood my moods. My ears are full and I just don't wanna do anything. I hate that feeling. I tried to get the backing done for JoAnn's quilt, and I'm having troubles. I think I have a solution with the fabric she sent, but it is frustrating me.

I did embroider out labels for Kathy. But, I did 2 of one and then had to the next one. ???? What is up with me?

I did one label for the ugly quilt. I need to trim it and pin the label in the corner, so when I am sewing the binding on I can sew it on too.

I played with a design a friend made me. Thank you Vicki. I think I'll make a red hat purse out of it. Won't that be cute?

I have other projects I need to work on, but and not motivated.

1 comment:

Kim said...

snap out of it and get to work :p
the labels look great -
how was the quilt show?????