Sunday, October 28, 2007

retirement quilt

OK, this the quilt from Hell. I can't believe all that is wrong with it. Maybe because I'm trying to get it done so quickly.

I had trouble with the size of the blocks because I used the alto cutting system and didn't remeasure. Wrong thing to do. But, I got it together
This is the start of the quilting process.

Now in quilting it, there are some places that have fullness, to be expected.

But, the kicker is when the stylus for EZ-Quilt template's tip broke off. It was not a pretty site to see me in tears and DH not understanding it. But, he went out and found some knitting needles and it worked to finish the quilt. I wouldn't want to do this for a long time, but...

Here is the last row of the Baptist Fans. Yea!!! The quilt is done!!!
The close up of the quilting

I then had him tell me what he wanted on the label. He wanted the AF emblem, which too 63 minutes to stitch out. Add to that the other words and it was a long time. Broke one needle and went on from there. It worked.

Now to do the binding.

Before I could do the binding, I had to put more glitz in DD's Halloween costume. So, the underdress got gold trim and the bag was made for collecting her candy.

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