Saturday, October 6, 2007

quilting the last few days

I've been exhausted with all that is going on.

I did get the binding done on the old 30's quilt. These are feedsacks, and very old.

It looks to be a family heirloom with the names embroidered on it. I think the Baptist fans did well on it.

I had hoped to pass it on, but the owner is in Arkansas until Wed. So, I will keep it until them.

I worked on a mystery by Marge today. I don't have a photo of it. It will become a baby quilt for one of the teachers.

I received 2 birthday blocks from my Birthday runaways group

I am in a glitzy purse swap, and played with this purple one today. It was not difficult, but I didn't like the way the fusible fleece made the purse feel. It is too wobbly (is that a word?). I am going to try it again with a stiffer interfacing and see if I like it better. Maybe I just need to make the flap with stiffer interfacing?

DH was working on my shelves to make sure they do not fall again. I think he is about half done. He ran out of hardware and had to go get some more. Then we both ran out of steam, so I don't think the baby quilt is going to be finished tonight and I don't think the shelves are going to be finished either.

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