Saturday, October 13, 2007

Heart love blocks

Went to my small group today. It was a funny day. None of us were doing well. LOL Everything we did was wrong and we all had issues all day long. I normally get lots of things done, and today, well, I got 4 love blocks finished. That was better than some today. LOL

Came home and DH and DD were working on the yard. They had the one tree ring all cleaned up and some soil put in the ring. They were both having loads of fun.

We took time to go get Mom and Dad from the airport. They had a good trip to AZ and CA this past week. We went out to eat on the way home and then by the nursery for more stuff for the trees. LOL I worked on the binding of the BOM quilt while we road around town. It is almost half way done.
Came home and set on the porch. I'd really like to do something more with sewing, but I'm not sure it is a good thing.

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Kim said...

blocks look great - Im doing mine Monday while hubby works and then he's off for a week so it will be alot of days trips. I'm going to get at least one block of cathedral windows ready for the car rides and print some hexagons off with inklingo and see how that works :)