Friday, February 3, 2023


Life took a turn, and I had to have TMJ surgery.

The preparation of it caused lots of out-of-house time, and then the surgery looks like it is going to take me out for a few days.

January was a bust for me.

On the bright side, I have most of my UFOs organized and logged. I still have a few more to go, but I did make progress.

There will be others, of course, but these are the things I immediately know I need to work on and will update monthly. 

 My to-do-list for 2023

1. Leach Pillows to use up the remaining T-shirts, I'll be making body pillows.

2. Memory quilt from Rob's shirts. I have the center done and need to add a border or two to make it a bit larger.

3. Second Memory quilt from Rob's T-shirts. They are cut and stabilized, so it should go fairly quickly.

4. Tammy's baby clothing memory quilt is almost finished. I need to cut more baby clothing and even out the boy and girl fabric. I made her two quilts with her twin's clothing. I am in the process of making her one with both boy and girl clothing in it. I use this one as a leader/ender, and it is growing. I've run out of the boy fabrics and need to cut more.

5. Donna's memory quilt or two, depending on how it goes together. I think I will be doing hers in a heart shape.

6. I'd like to make some memory teddy bears from Rob, Karen, Tammy, and Donna's leftovers.

7. Karen's hexagon memory quilt. I finished the hexagons and stitched it onto the background while on vacation, so it just needs to be quilted.

8. Larger hexagon pillow from the leftover fabrics.

9. Driesbach T-shirt quilt. They are cut apart and stabilized, and there are not that many shirts.

10. Hawaiian pants for Ashley

11. Hawaiian Applique

12. Hawaiian Sashiko

13. Quilt Of Kilter

14. Test Quilt

15. Baby items for Ashley's hope chest

16. Christmas Panel - Winter's Eve

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Stopping over from Kat's blog. Thanks for quilting those big quilts for Covered in Love! TMJ surgery? That doesn't sound like any fun, Mel! Hoping you are fully recovered by now.