Sunday, November 1, 2020

Stash Report #44

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Used this Week:
3.61 yards

Used year to Date:
222.62 yards
Net Stash used in October
14.92 yards

Added this Week:
0.00 yards

Added Year to Date:
78.68 yards

New Goal:
200.00 yards

Yards to the goal:
16.42 yards

Net Used in 2020
183.58 yards

Finished up the ornaments

Candy corn pillow

BOW #10

Embroidery on a postcard.
Sometimes difficult if you have thread breakage or the bobbin runs out.

Pixelated Witches hat pillow cover.

A couple of other fun facts are:
Prairie Moon is doing a 350 block challenge:

Total Number of equivalent blocks:
Perimeter in inches:
Number of UFOs finished this year:
UFO Yardage Used:
Percentage of yardage used in UFOs:

Number of Bobbins Used this week:
Number of Bobbins Used this year:
Number of Spools Used this week:
Number of Spools Used this year:

She is also doing a 100-day challenge.
My list is in the tab above, named 100-day challenge.

I averaged one a day, so I'm happy.

5. Find backing for T-shirt quilt
9. Make pillow covers for October
29. Find backing for Cheyenne quilt
60. Thanksgiving masks for girls
90. Put together and mail secret quilter for November
99. Quilt Guild baby quilt #7
100. Quilt guild baby quilt #8

Kate at Life in Pieces is doing the challenge of 15 minutes of sewing.

Days of Stitching:

Number of Days this week:

Number of Days this year:

Days Organizing:

Number of Days this week:
Number of Days this year:

I spent Halloween with DD, so no sewing was accomplished.
Too much fun doing other things to sew.

Quilting is more fun than Housework has us working on scraps.

Making pillows for DD's apartment.
All from the scrap drawers

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Kate said...

You continue to nail those quilting metrics each week. Yeah for time with your college girl. Ours made the mistake of going to a friends for Halloween and is now in quarantine waiting for her Covid test result to come back. The candy corn and witch hat pillow covers are really cute. Hope you had an excellent week on the stitching front.