Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Let's Bee Social

Not much going on in the studio, except getting ready for a paint job.
DH stopped the new color at this corner because it was full.

Put stuff away and then stacked the window seat items.
He is going to paint while we are on the Girl Scout trip.
I'll have bunches of work when I return.
I truly need to come up with ideas for some of the craft items hanging around.
I did load the quilt Tammy sent me
I'll work on it when I return.
She has binding she is going to send to me.
I think this is gong to be a pretty quilt. 
I have a few more pieces I'll finish putting together and then this center part will be ready to go together.
I still have lots to cut and piece, but I'm making progress.

I'm linking up to sewfreshquilts for their Let's Bee Social.

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Rebecca Grace said...

Have fun on your girl scout trip! I'm doing something similar next week, Music Week at a Lutheran camp up in the mountains. I told my kids, "This time I'M going off to sleepaway camp, and YOU'RE staying home with Dad!"