Sunday, July 2, 2017

July Projects

Stashbuster UFO #
#5 Ann's Mystery Star

I can't find this one.
I'll keep looking, but I might not get to it until later, if at all.
I'm behind on some, so I'll focus on another instead of worrying about this one.

#40 Copper & Teal
 Get it Done
Quilters Wall Hanging Panel
All People Quilt
Purple & Brown Baby Quilt
Simply Woven

It might be time to reorganize the UFO cabinet.
I'm finding it harder to get to what I need.
I think that might be because there are too many of them. LOL
I only have 147 left.
I'd love to get to double digits this year, but I'm not sure that is possible, but I  will have more time when DD goes off to college.

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