Friday, March 17, 2017


Yes, there is NO reason I should have so many bags and boxes that need going through.
But, I am a clean up and put in a box or bag kinda gal. :(
I am slowly moving out of the studio and into the extra bedroom closet.
I still have paperwork to go through, but I get overwhelmed by it, so it has to be in small pieces.
This box will take some time going through it.
My plan is to work on it as I walk by.
It is sitting on a chair that is between the sewing machine and ironing surface, so I hope that means I'll get it done quickly. 
right off the bat, you see the music fabric that I finsihed a top for recently.
I can make 1-2 other quilts from this group of fabric.
I'm leaving it out because I'd like to work on it when I get the two done on the design walls. 
I have found floral stems - I've put away the floral stems.
Empty Cafe Vienna containers (I really need to figure out what to make out of these things) - I've stored them in the cabinet waiting for inspiration.
Shoes - they are in my closet.
Clay - it is in the craft cabinet.
More receipts- ready to be filed
More paperwork - sorted and ready to be filed.

 The second bag has mostly paperwork, looks like things cleaned out from my purse.
I did find some socks and such from the car.
The receipts are being sorted and filed, but not tonight.

Maybe one day I'll be able to say what my friend Tammy said - "I don't have any bags or boxes that I need to go through."
I am working towards that and hope it happens in the near future.
I can't sleep, so why not go through some of the box?
This is from Texas State.
Some of it was food items, some brochures DD will need for college, Kleenex were put with the others, pens and pencils in their places, & shirt in DD's room


swooze said...

I need to revisit boxes that I filled up in the past few years as I sorted things to refresh my memory of the contents! Keep up the great work!

Tammom said...

Remember, too, that I don't have the space in my studio to be able to harbor bags. As for the coffee containers, what about making them into hand-sewing boxes with a pincushion on the lids? Paint or paper the outside, put hand sewing items inside (needles, thread, thimble, small snips or scissors, etc.) then hot glue a puffy pillow to the top. Can be something of a travel hand sewing kit.