Monday, March 20, 2017

Design Wall Monday

This is from my bonus HST
I'll be making a pattern out of the book I picked for March.
Not many patterns in this book that I like, but this should be fun.
It calls for light/light HST and I don't have many of those, so I think I'll just cut White/WOW/COW prints from my scrap whites and fill in the areas.
I hope I have enough of the dark/dark HST to make this quilt.
I have lots of these 1.5" HST, so I hope it works. 
Modern Maze is coming along.
Since the previous blocks were done incorrectly, I am doing only a few at a time to see how many I can make. I suppose I could take the others apart, but if I don't have to..... 
My cat swap blocks are probably going to be this size.
I have one block that has buttons on it.
I think this is a cute baby quilt, so I need to applique or embroider the eyes on those 4 cats.
Will make a backing and maybe get it quilted this week. 
all my BOM/BOW blocks are on my curtain design wall. :)
I have one of each to make to get caught up.
Maybe tomorrow evening.
We shall see.
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