Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Not much happening

Busy week, and not feeling great.
The oak pollen is high and I am feeling it.
DD is not feeling great either.
We did go to Painting with a Twist SOS Class
DD finished her painting.
 I love it!!! 
I helped work on the branches of DD's Owl.
She likes it better.
I fixed the beach on my Cape Cod painting.
I think this is my favorite of the paintings I have done.

Today is a long day, but I hope to get some sewing done this evening.
Time will tell.

1 comment:

Dar said...

You and your DD are very artistic. Guess it runs in the family. I love yours too. Makes me want to go on a vacation that has a beach. Your DD's owl is really cute. When I was in college (and still) I got into collecting 'owl' items of all kinds, so they are still one of my favorite animals. My friends call me the "nite owl" because I stay up way too late.