Friday, February 19, 2016


Thumb hurting lots, so off to the doctor.
Not carpel tunnel yet, but inflammation.
I can sew, but not sure about how fast.
Not sure I'll be able to bind at all. :( 
Laid out my purple and green 9 patches.
I found 3 squares to finish off the last one that needed to be finished.
I also found a green border fabric and a floral outside border fabric.

You know, typing with a brace is interesting.

As much as I had hoped for a good February, I don't see it happening.
Maybe I can get lots of tops together and quilt them and can have a binding marathon when things are better, but that is probably not the thing to do to my thumb.

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Beverly C. Stigge said...

AHHHH, so sad. An obstacle, to your hand work, but time to work on the THINK SYSTEM...plan and refresh. This too shall pass.