Thursday, March 12, 2015

Prairie Moon Organizing

I did a quick drawer clean up before my trip.
We are back, but I am not feeling that great.  
Went to the doctor yesterday and I have a head cold, sinus infection and ear infection. ;(  
But, Prairie Moon has their organization challenge this week to be 

Organize your thread

I have lots of threads
My long arm thread.
It is basically organized, but I'll look to see if the color in the drawers are the right ones for the size of the drawer. 
Then I have this specialty thread that doesn't like my machine.
I often forget about it.
I need to see what it is and if I can use it or donate to someone else. 
My sewing machine threads were organized by color.
Don't know what happened there. 
Embroidery thread could use some help.
Embroidery thread is separated by color, but has become a little messy. 
More embroidery thread that rarely gets used because of where it is stored.
One of the few selfies I took with DD on the trip.
She put her hat on me.
It looks so much nicer on her.

Question: Do you find that you only use one main color for most of your machine piecing?
I do use the basic tan, white or black when I'm doing a very dark quilt. I also like a gray.
Right now I'm using up the other colors that I have to give me space.
There was a time I used the color of the quilt, but found it easier to have the basic one on the machine.
Now, for top stitching, that has to coordinate.


Shelly said...

I mainly use white, tan, or gray. Since I'm usually working on several projects at once, it makes sense to use one color that will work on all of them. I have used up lots of odds and ends on scrap quilts, and am glad to have gotten rid of it in a good way. Your thread drawer looks so deliciously colorful!

Tammom said...

If you want to donate any embroidery thread, send it my way! I am bound and determined to get my brand new embroidery machine set up in my studio by summer. Had the silly machine for nearly two years and it's still in the box!!!