Sunday, March 1, 2015

Paper update

So, I don't know why things have to look so bad before they
One big bag of trash from all the papers I've gone through. 
Smaller trash can full of papers I've gone through.

             It seems I have so much stuff that it just makes trying to get it done look worse than before.
The red bag is taken care of and in it's new home.
The blue bag has been gone through and is being used for things I'm finding for 2014 that will be filed in the white box.
The basket weave container is emptied and awaiting a new use.
Under the red bag is another basket weave container that is empty and awaiting a new use.
The black and white bag is about half done.
That is all of Mom and Dad's stuff.
All the easy stuff is taken care of. 
Now for that emotional stuff that needs worked on.
The pink milk carton is where all of Mom's files are.
The step stool is there to stop me from bending over all the time.
The desk has a couple of things staged on it to do the next step, like shredding.
Even though at first glance it looks worse than to begin with, it isn't.
I'm not sure how much more will be done this week, but I'll keep working on it.
I have lots of meetings and then an early morning departure on Friday.

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