Thursday, March 5, 2015

Prairie Moon organizational challenge

Prairie Moon's challenge for this week is:

Go back and pick a task from a previous week that you're not finished with and work on it again

So, I did do much on the paperwork task
My desk has lots of stuff on it, but I'm using it and that in itself makes it messy.
It has less than when I started.
All of my Mom's stuff is in a smaller tote (the green bag).
I need to focus on that a some point.
My red brief case is there now and I need to do something with it.
It has booster things in it that I need to work on.
My stuff that needs filing is in the blue tote.
Progress was made.
So, what should I do?
January 1: Organize your oldest UFO Changed to organize my UFOs
This was already done and not needed anymore.January 15: Change your rotary cutter blade(s) or change your sewing machine needle
This was already done a few days ago
January 22: Organize your marking pens and pencils
This was already done and I just found another container behind the computer screen and went through them last night.
February 5: Clean off your cutting table or main work area
This was already done and has stayed fairly clean.
February 19: Put away stray fabric and other items
This was already done and I don't have any that is not being used.

So, the ones that I still could use to work on are below.
I only have today to do it because I leave early early tomorrow.
What can I do quickly and feel like I've made progress?

January 8: Work on organizing your magazines or books
January 29: Clean out and organize one drawer
February 12: Learn to use a new tool
February 26: Deal with the paper clutter
March 5: Go back and pick a task from a previous week that you're not finished with and work on it again.

So, which drawer will I choose?
My cutting table has two drawers.
this one is a jumble of cutting tools and who knows what.
I'll tackle this one now.

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