Monday, December 8, 2014

no much going on

It's been a hemming band pants type of weekend. :)
So, not much going on. 
 I have cut some coaster pieces and am cleaning up.  
I've traced around the trash can for more ornaments.  
They need to be cut out and then I'll be able to finish those up.
I hope to cut while I wait for my doctor appointment tomorrow.
I've been up to 1 am three nights in a row and I'm exhausted, so I doubt I should sew tonight.  
I think I will clean while the laundry is being done.
This is my only Christmas decoration at this time.  I need to change that.
This is a wreath I made for Mom
DD made this wreath for her door
This is the wreath on our front door.

So, I've been making more wreaths than quilts.

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