Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Goals

1. I would like to fling the things I don't want anymore.  This one is started, but not at 100%

5. I want to treat myself and my family better. This one still needs to be worked on.

Modified Goal
6. I would like to use or give away a net of 200 yards of fabric This was almost met.  I'm about 18 yards short.

DONE 2. I would like to use a net of 100 yards of fabric this year. Completed this and modified it.
DONE 3. I want to finish 12 UFOs this year. I completed 43 of the UFOs this year.
Deleted goals
4. I want to start quilting for QOV again. I am still not wanting to quilt for QOV.

I need to make new goals for 2015.

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