Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Final Countdown Day Two

I know it won't count, but I helped organize a friend's stash today.  
She moved over the weekend and two of us went over and help sort and stack her fabrics. 
 Boy does she LOVE Batik fabrics.  
Beautiful stash.
I just saw this now challenge from Prairie Moon, and I want to find a backing that I think might be hiding under my pressing table.  
This is the Before
things I've found

Two more UFOs not on my list. 
 I put where they are now so I know.

I found missing quilts.  
Wish I'd found the Christmas tree one before Christmas

Found the color guard pillows I started.
I think I know what size to do.
I need to figure out how many to make
I have one done,.
These are UFOs that need to be done before May.
I'm tossing some items, so that is good.
I've found more Christmas coaster for the gift bin.

I found some fabrics, but not the one I'm really looking for.
Still looking.  It should have been in the cabinet or here.
Gifts and things for quilters


This is after. 
 Many things went to new homes and will be used later
Green bag has a UFO in the bottom and 5 in the top for the Sampler Society Challenge.
The blue is the color guard stuff
My beautiful sewing basket that needs to be used.
On the right is plastic bags that I reuse as I need for trash and sorting.

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