Monday, July 1, 2013

Wow a week without posting

Ever have one of those times when you just can't be motivated to do anything?  I think that was last week for me. DD got off easy from cleaning her room.  I didn't sew, I didn't clean, I was compatose most of the time.  :(
DD had me going to Zumba classes and oh my, that was an interesting time.  I think we will continue, it just takes lots of energy and over an hour of time getting there, doing the class and getting home.  Am I whining, probably, and I need to know it is getting me stronger and I will see results sometime in the future.
I do have a quilt being loaded on the long arm.  I have another headache from the weather changes, but I am trying to work through them.
I still need to find that baby quilt to make and finish some of these projects.  Wish me luck.

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