Sunday, July 7, 2013

Glory Boxes made

DD is at band camp.  Just to keep myself busy, I'm sewing.  Yeah!

Apocketfulofmysteries is having an alphabet BOM and we are on "G".  This block is called Glory Boxes.

The colors in this are brown, dark blue, black and dark purple.  Can't really tell that from the photo.  This is the block for Lynne.

My blocks are from my floral scraps with a consistent background and some green in each block.  Judi sent me some fabrics and some were florals, so there are some of hers in here.  Of course, none of these blocks are taking very much of any fabric, so that floral drawer is not going down very quickly at all.  LOL
I like this block.  Might have to think about making a quilt out of this block.

there is a smudge on the same spot of both photos.  Think that maybe my lense is dirty?  LOL

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