Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, today we celebrated DH's 58th Birthday. It isn't until Tues, but today was an easier day to celebrate. So, the family was over all day long. A fun day.

When everyone left, I got to sew. I finished sewing the BDB for September and can mail it Monday. I like this design. She wanted it left in 4 pieces so she can make it more scrappy. It turned out just about perfect too. Only one of them had a little issue.
This week I've sewn on 4 patches for teachers that needed some help. So, that was good -- make $20. Not too bad. LOL
I've also been doing a little more organizing and cleaning. I really need to get this room in order.
I have some Scout planning for Thursday that I need to complete tomorrow.
I also have 2 heartstrings that need to be quilted and 1 QOV. So, I'd better focus again and get some things done.


Kim said...

hey I like that block
where did you find it???
Scrappy would be awesome

Mel said...

The block is called Equinox. I'm not sure where it came from. It was requested by a fellow Birthday block participant.