Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It is done!

Toady was the 3rd grade graduation/awards ceremony. This is the teacher getting the quilt and DD.

I spent all day in the classroom helping to pack and moving the teacher. We are getting smaller next year and they are doing away with the portables, so we have to move the few 3rd grade teachers to make room.

I worked on the binding in the car on the way to the day camp meeting.

Then, I came home and worked on it til it was done.

Mama Duck did the work on the label, and I stitched it out before I left. I love it. Thank you for helping me out again.

I hope she will be happy with it. Her favorite colors are green and pink. The green is softer than the photo shows.

I also started to work on the girl scout quilt that has to be done by next Thursday (12 Jun 08). I am playing with the layout to see what I can come up with. I also need to plan the awards ceremony. We shall see what happens. LOL

I feel good! The quilt is done!!


Gina said...

It's lovely. I hope she was pleased

love and hugs xxx

Amanda said...

Talk about working to a deadline! Hope you have some time for more leisurely quilting soon.

Kim said...

congrats to DD
and the quilt for the teacher looks great :)
I'm working on a baby quilt for tomorrow night so I totally understand deadlines- now if hubby would put these dates on the calendar I wouldn't be rushing when I have so many other things ( like auction baskets to do )