Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Friday is tomorrow

I won't be quilting ALL day long, but I can go in the evening and work on some things.

My list of things to work on is:
1. Sew together Girl Scout Quilt top.
2. Cut and sew some of the Pineapple Blossom quilt.
3. Do a couple ocean waves for starter/enders.
4. Sew together DD's horse quilt top.
5. Sew together Shontelle's horse quilt top.
6. Birthday block
After this week, I'm looking forward to doing some sewing. I have lots of quilting to do too.
I am working on a Love quilt, the Girl Scout Quilt is due on Thursday, 2 large quilts for a friend, 2 QOVs, 3 more QWLs and 3 quilts for a friend in CA. So, I think I should be doing something besides sitting on this computer. LOL

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Kim said...

2 large quilts from a friend indead VGB - we're putting the ac's in this weekend and I'll freeze to death the way hubby keeps the room. It's not that I'm cold in the winter, but the summer....