Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shop Hop -- best birthday in a long time

Wanda pointing at the skull on top of the water fountain -- their theme was pirates.

Well, I went on the shop hop and look what I got! I had fun. I did something I almost never do -- buy kits. The items on the left are the free fqs and the instructions for the shop hop quilt.

The next column is the book that I got with the $20 coupon I got for buying things at the Quilt Haus. (Kim, I got your black and white jelly roll. I think it is the same as what I gave you for Christmas - not pictured here). There were some free patterns and some charm packets. At the top of that column is a pincushion and some brushes. Also are some needles and a long handles tweezers. The third column is the pink and green kit that I will be making for a gift. Then below that is the pink and browns that I'll use in DD's horse quilt. The 4th column is the shop hop quilt packet that was the fish, and some note cards.

These are the shop hop quilts. How different can they be????

At the end of the day, we had a little fender bender while backing out of a parking space. No one was hurt.
Picked up an Ashton cigar for DH and came home to a DD sleeping in our bed. Hummm.....
Oh, I finished sewing on the binding on the love quilt. Wish I had the label done to be completely done. Next week.


Kim said...

some haul- let me know what I owe you for the jelly rolls-
so you don't need green and rose fabric now??? Doesn't matter, I can try to do deep wine red for the next.....feathered star**Rolling eyes** but that's for the summer...I have 1 - yep just one window to fill on cathedral windows and tah dah. Amish blocks are next I guess
Glad you had a fun birthday

Gina said...

looks like you had a great time, apart from the bump.
I love the fishy quilt

love and hugs xxx

Amanda said...

It sounds as if you had great fun. At first I thought that a shop hop was just visiting lots of shops, but it seems to be something different. Can you enlighten an ignorant UK visitor?