Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthday stuff

I've had a wonderful birthday and it isn't even here yet. LOL
DH had a dozen orange roses and a card with $200 in it for the shop hop starting tomorrow.

I joined a fq swap and look at the coral fabrics I got from the two groups. Aren't they yummy?

My hoop it all came, but I've not had time to play. Probably won't until next week.

I get to go on a shop hop. DH can't pick DD up, so my parents are going to help me out and come over. DS is ill, so he can't help.


Gina said...

Happy Birthday for whenever it is.

Love the colour of the roses

love and hugs xxx

Yvonne said...

ooh! I think I recognize the package of hot chocolate I stuck in with the fqs I sent out! Stay warm, have a wonderful birthday!!!

Sweet P said...

Happy birthday! What a great DH - $200 to spend on shopping. He's a keeper.